Monday, November 13, 2006

Atheism Is a "Faith"? Not So Fast... (Part 2)

I would like to offer this rebuttal to another commonly touted theist idea. They say, "Well atheism requires a certain level of faith. My religion requires a certain level of faith. Therefore, atheism is a faith and what we have here is a conflict of faiths."

Let me make this simple. Belief in absolutely anything requires a certain amount of faith. That does not make the belief in and of itself a faith.

If you were to pick something off the ground you have a certain level of faith that it will fall to the ground. Sure, you could tell me you don't have any faith in it because you've seen it happen before, so you know it will happen this time. But what if this time is different?

What's different between your faith that the object will still fall to the ground and a faith in the existence of faeries? Since both ideas require a certain level of faith, would it make sense to conclude that both ideas are equally valid?

OF COURSE NOT! This is the exact same thing Christians (or any theists) try to make you believe when they say to you things such as, "Well, since evolution requires a certain level of faith, any idea I have or am about to present to you is equally valid."

Imagine the laughter theists would receive if they started out with, "Well, since gravity requires a certain level of faith, any idea I have or am about to present to you is equally valid." Whether you believe in ideas such as evolution or not, that belief certainly shouldn't be hinged on that type of "logic". Granted gravity is more immediately observable (therefore requiring less faith), it is the same flawed "logic"!

Update: I should also point out that one is so much more certain that gravity exists over a belief in faeries due to the fact that belief in gravity requires less faith than a belief in faeries. We apply this thinking to most everything in life. It only makes sense. The exception being theists who somehow feel that deities and religions are somehow shielding from this type of logical thinking (and not even all religions, only the one they happen to subscribe to at the moment!).


Anonymous said...

Religious faith is belief without proof. Most religions even go further, and require you to believe what they say in the absence of proof AND despite proof to the contrary.
It's not the same thing with gravity, because gravity can be tested and has been PROVEN to me to be true. It doesn't require this sort of faith, it doesn't even require less of it. Any of you who doubt gravity can just pick up a rock and test it!

tuxracer said...

Ah, but before you have let go you do have a certain level of faith that the object will fall again just like all other times. You have a certain level of faith that it will not just float. Before you drop it you do have a level of faith.

Which is semantics and is fine. The only problem is that theists will throw that in your face and try to us that to justify belief in faeries, Jesus, Zeus, or whatever deity or deities they happen to believe in at the time.

I'm just trying to show how ridiculous that line of thinking is, for apparently non-obvious reasons.