Saturday, November 11, 2006

Could Science Ever Substite The Role Religion Plays In Lives?

A gathering of scientists and atheists explores whether faith in science can ever substitute for belief in God.

Much as Weinberg would like to see civilization emerge from the tyranny of religion, when it happens, "I think we will miss it, like a crazy old aunt who tells lies and causes us all kinds of trouble, but was beautiful once and was with us a long time."

[Dawkins] would not, for instance, try to talk a Christian on his deathbed out of a belief in Heaven...but it's unlikely he would be calling for a priest.

Hard for atheist author Sam Harris ("Letter to a Christian Nation") who likes to point out that people today believe in God based on no more evidence than the ancients had for believing in Zeus or Poseidon—with the result that in addition to all the mail he gets from Christians, he's now getting angry letters from pagans who claim he's insulted their beliefs, as well.


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