Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ex-pastor, Ex-wife, Ex-christian

I was a pastor’s wife. I lived a Christian life. I did the Christian things. I believed the Christian doctrine. I did it all. I believed it all. Now I am not a pastor’s wife. I do not lead a Christian life. I do not believe the Christian doctrine. This is my journey.


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anomalous4 said...

Gaaaaak. This Baptist preacher's kid can relate to that 100%. No one who hasn't been part of a clergy family realizes what a can of worms it can be.

Dad or Mom gets "the call," and the rest of the family just gets dragged along. The trouble is, the rest of you are in the fishbowl as a result. You're always expected to be "gooder" than everyone else and "set a proper example."

People think you must automatically have a wonderful family life, and they really won't accept anything less. So you learn to fake it. You never get to relax and let your guard down, much less let off steam. Any trouble gets swept under the rug until you end up with a very lumpy rug, and far too often you trip over the lumps and end up more dysfunctional than the average family who can let things out into the open and have a chance to clear the air.

What surprises me is that more clergy families don't go down in flames. And when they do go, it's almost guaranteed to be spectacular. It's enough to make you lose your religion, no two ways about that!

Just a couple of brass farthings' worth from a Zen Baptist Existentialist Christian Agnostic and sometime Pastafarian who quit arguing with what works quite a few years ago........